African Mask

African Mask

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Welcome to Mossy Rock Designs!

Just in Time! That's what it is. She emailed me last night...and we are setting sail today..finally..:-D So here we have our newest member of the blog.
Have you seen her ART? Great Water colours! Water colours is the hardest medium to conquer ..I should know because I'm an artist and I'm still trying to get it right...

There you have it....some more interesting stuff is going to be posted for your entertainment. :-D
now what picture can I post here..hmmmmmmm.......
My favourite of her pictures is the Chamelion ...I love it..I think I'll post a picture of an African Lizard...they grow to about 12 inches long.

Lovely pretty lizard. ;-)
Welcome!  we're looking forward to your blogs.

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