African Mask

African Mask

Monday, 2 May 2011

Inspiration from Africa.

I make blocks for people who sew. Sounds weird doesn't it. ha ha.. Blocks you think, what type of blocks?..can't be wood blocks....:-)  Well they are squares of fabric, 7.5 inches square and 9.5 inches square.. "Oh squares! well why didn't you say so in the first place?"...
"I know, I used to say that..but I've learned that in sewing circles, they are called blocks".
"Ahhhh okay..and so?"

At first I hand dyed the fabric and then hand painted sea creatures on them. Then someone said "Not everyone likes sea creatures you know"...hmmmmm Okay, I put on my thinking cap and eventually it stopped sleeping, struggled awake and gave me an idea. Let me try and paint African Wild animals and see what reaction I get to those. So far the reaction has been fairly good, and of course, I'm hoping for it to improve. haha.

Have a look at these then: The left hand column is from the range called "Late Afternoon". And the right hand column is from the range called  "After the Rains".
Elephant..there is one more.. :-)
leopard...looking at you. :-)
Lioness and cub...
The cub needs to have her nap.....shhhhh
Hey Dude, you want some grass?
The wild life have had a hard time with poachers in the last decade...but there are some dedicated people out there trying to keep them safe. In South Africa, there is one guy, Ian Merrifield and his wife running a charitable organisation called Daktari Wildlife Orphanage and a Bush School where he teaches children the importance of the wild animals to their culture and way of life. This is very important work.

Now why did I mention that? One of my brothers used to be a Game Ranger in Zimbabwe. He was always watching for poachers. The are the bane of the Rangers existence. My son and I used to go and stay with him. I felt so privileged you know, to be "behind the scenes" as it were...But in all the times I did stay with Kevin, I never saw a cat in the wild...not because there were none, but because they hid away..:-p not fair...I'm just going to have to go back to have a good look one of these days :-D

 :-D That's the range at the moment....If there are any requests I shall seriously consider them....leave a comment :-)
Have a great day!

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