African Mask

African Mask

Saturday, 30 April 2011

WELCOME! to Afrika by Design

A very warm welcome to Africa by Design! Merica spearheads our African Design Team on and now she is going to be posting on here as of next week.

She's been asking me how often can a person post on Africa Bursting know, did I want to have scheduled postings..the answer is No! I want to try and keep this blog nice and relaxed where we can all have fun..when you want to post something just go and do it! Just remember to put your shop name in the Label space at the bottom of the post and all your posts will be linked together...this makes easy reading for our followers and the shop name with the most posts will sit highest on the list....
Lets sit around the fire and listen to the stories.
So once again Welcome to Merica! We look forward to your blogs...By the way your Whimsical Hair Piece is so very feminine and pretty.

Friday, 29 April 2011

WELCOME to Lutachi Designs!

Yup another brave sole! YaY! this is going to be a great blog page, I can just feel it.  Welcome to You!
So tell us a bit about yourself...what you make ....and then go wild and have fun posting!

We're looking forward to reading your posts!
Don't hide, come on out and have your say!

Sylvie :-D
PS: Hey there peeps...her bags are simply awesome dude... no I really mean it, they're great!

WELCOME! to Adwoa of Seiwa Akoto Accesories!

A hearty welcome the first shop owner to brave guest blogging on this blog page!

I went and had a peak at Adwoa's shop and she does some great work. So don't forget Adwoa..tell us a bit about yourself and how your shop got it's name...
Happy posting!
Beautiful Africa! as far as the eye can see...and further!
Now now..stop sighing......give us a post! :-D

If the Mask offends...

If the picture of the African mask offends anyone of the Design Team.....please let me know in comments and I'll change it for a sunset or something...

I thought that it was a particularly good mask. I don't remember them being so brightly painted when I lived there...seems I can remember carved ones, then the wood was polished up and that was it. I like the shape and colours of this one.


Thursday, 28 April 2011

Making Gifts ...

Hello there,
Recently I made a couple of pot holders for a friend...and posted them off as a surprise. :-) I used some fabric that I had hand dyed. I hand painted a Pelican onto one piece and did another with a jelly fish.

The Pelican

The Jelly Fish.
Then I lay them face down and added a piece of insulated fabric..we call it "Heat tex" in South Africa....and a plain piece of fabric on top of each one. Then just to make it more fun I took 4 squares of fabric per pot holder and folded them in half diagonally. I painted a turtle on two of the pieces for one pot holder and a Crane on the other. Then I sewed it all together...It's not very clear how I did it but if you want me too I'll type up proper instructions here......just leave a comment. :-)

The turtles ..I had to fold the fabric first then paint it.. ;-)

The Cranes..the fabric was also folded and then painted.

Oh yes then when I looked at them I decided that they were boring with an empty space in the I painted a little crane in this one and a bit of seaweed in the turtle one.. They can be washed in a machine....

They arrived in the UK last week and apparently the surprise was a good one.. She likes them. Ha Ha I'm so pleased.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


I was born in Africa, grew up there in a small town called Fort Victoria, in a country called Rhodesia. By the time I was 21 the country had changed it's name to Zimbabwe and my home town was known as Masvingo.
Many years later I've done a lot of traveling, seen many countries, yet when I hear Toto's song "I miss the rain in Africa" I dance and cry all at the same time..... Some may say "Man, that's silly"...but it's how I feel.

To be able to survive this foreign world I find myself in, I create, I design, I paint. The ideas Burst Out of me. I can't stop them. Some of the things I paint are of Animals found in Africa. I offer these works of washable art for sale in my Etsy shop so that others, who don't have the gift I do, can also surround themselves with a touch of Africa...or drown themselves in art of Africa if they like. :-D If you'd like to see my shop click HERE.

This blog is going to have many authors who have some sort of link to Africa. They'll be from the team African Design in Etsy., this will make the posts diverse and hopefully entertaining.

Sunset over Victoria Falls.