African Mask

African Mask

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

All things bright and Beautiful

Whilst we were sailing from the Cook Islands to New Zealand via Tonga I drew and painted a Flame Lilly. The plant is indigenous to Zimbabwe, Africa and is in fact the country's national flower. Every person who has lived there and seen it growing in the wild is forever effected by it. the plant's colours are vibrant and the plant is wonderfully unusual, so I had a marvelous time painting it. I may paint others, because there are various types of the plant that produce an interesting range of different shaped flowers. So keep checking my shop to see the updates. :-D

A close-up of some of the petals
A close-up of the stamens.

Thanks for having a look. I'll be back soon. :-D

Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Protea an Indigenous Flower of Africa

I was surfing the net one day and whilst I was crusing through FaceBook one of my friends from way back when called me up on chat. Mary-Kate was so pleased to find me online and we had a great time. During this conversation she mentioned that she was redoing her home and wondered if I was going to do some paintings of African indigenous flowers. Well I told her that I'd been serously considering it but hadn't gotton around to getting anything done. She asked me to have a go at a Protea and a Flame lilly. She also wants a picture of Guinea Fowl and a Striletzia. Okay I replied I'll have a go at them. Little did I know just how involved the Protea was going to be. whew it took such a long time to paint and they way I decided to do it made it even more difficult. But I think all in all it has turned out very well.

So I made a small video showing the progress of the work. I hope you enjoy it :-D