African Mask

African Mask

Monday, 16 May 2011

Attempts at Making Clutches

Okay... I never said I was a sewer, but I love to take on new projects and making handbags is something I've been trying to learn. The one clutch is double sided with beautiful shades of blue on one side and orange on the other. The other is made with some of my favorite fabric, Seminole fabric. It has a matching coin purse inside. I think they're nice. What do you think?

- Kamilah


  1. I think that they are more than 'nice'. :-) I think they are bootyful!! ha ha just having fun with words...not only are they lovely but they look like they can hold a decent amount of booty!

    How do they close...just by holding the handles together, or are they zipped? have you thought of sliding this may sound know your fridge door...well in the gasket on the door is a looooonnnngggg magnet...if you went to fridge repair shops and asked them for old door magnets, or even bought a length of new stuff..... then cut it to size and slide one into each side of your bag, by the handle..and 'snap' it closes. :-D just a thought :-D

  2. They have a round button style snap inside. Wierd? I know what's weird (me on occasion)and that's not weird...that's friggin' GENIOUS!! A fridge magnet...who knew? That's exactly why I always say crafty people are the AWESOMEST!! (Another word from my dictionary);-)

    Thanks for the tip. I'm so excited about trying it.