African Mask

African Mask

Saturday, 30 April 2011

WELCOME! to Afrika by Design

A very warm welcome to Africa by Design! Merica spearheads our African Design Team on and now she is going to be posting on here as of next week.

She's been asking me how often can a person post on Africa Bursting know, did I want to have scheduled postings..the answer is No! I want to try and keep this blog nice and relaxed where we can all have fun..when you want to post something just go and do it! Just remember to put your shop name in the Label space at the bottom of the post and all your posts will be linked together...this makes easy reading for our followers and the shop name with the most posts will sit highest on the list....
Lets sit around the fire and listen to the stories.
So once again Welcome to Merica! We look forward to your blogs...By the way your Whimsical Hair Piece is so very feminine and pretty.

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