African Mask

African Mask

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


I was born in Africa, grew up there in a small town called Fort Victoria, in a country called Rhodesia. By the time I was 21 the country had changed it's name to Zimbabwe and my home town was known as Masvingo.
Many years later I've done a lot of traveling, seen many countries, yet when I hear Toto's song "I miss the rain in Africa" I dance and cry all at the same time..... Some may say "Man, that's silly"...but it's how I feel.

To be able to survive this foreign world I find myself in, I create, I design, I paint. The ideas Burst Out of me. I can't stop them. Some of the things I paint are of Animals found in Africa. I offer these works of washable art for sale in my Etsy shop so that others, who don't have the gift I do, can also surround themselves with a touch of Africa...or drown themselves in art of Africa if they like. :-D If you'd like to see my shop click HERE.

This blog is going to have many authors who have some sort of link to Africa. They'll be from the team African Design in Etsy., this will make the posts diverse and hopefully entertaining.

Sunset over Victoria Falls.

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