African Mask

African Mask

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Making Gifts ...

Hello there,
Recently I made a couple of pot holders for a friend...and posted them off as a surprise. :-) I used some fabric that I had hand dyed. I hand painted a Pelican onto one piece and did another with a jelly fish.

The Pelican

The Jelly Fish.
Then I lay them face down and added a piece of insulated fabric..we call it "Heat tex" in South Africa....and a plain piece of fabric on top of each one. Then just to make it more fun I took 4 squares of fabric per pot holder and folded them in half diagonally. I painted a turtle on two of the pieces for one pot holder and a Crane on the other. Then I sewed it all together...It's not very clear how I did it but if you want me too I'll type up proper instructions here......just leave a comment. :-)

The turtles ..I had to fold the fabric first then paint it.. ;-)

The Cranes..the fabric was also folded and then painted.

Oh yes then when I looked at them I decided that they were boring with an empty space in the I painted a little crane in this one and a bit of seaweed in the turtle one.. They can be washed in a machine....

They arrived in the UK last week and apparently the surprise was a good one.. She likes them. Ha Ha I'm so pleased.

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