African Mask

African Mask

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ba Beads All the way from Africa!

I've decided that I'm going to feature Artists that are living in Africa to get them more well known. After all this blog is called Africa Bursting Out! :-D So I've contacted a few and got them to supply me with some information, which I will impart to you. I plan to do this every month, finding new artists and also talking about new things that the existing artists are producing. So watch out for them!

There is a shop on called BaBeads. Lovely necklaces selling out of Cape Town in South Africa. 
I must say it seems that there is quite an artists colony in the Cape :-)
Bold Red Glass Beaded Necklace.
If you click on the photo's caption you can have a look at it on Etsy.
So beautifully made! I love that clasp.

The owner tells me that when she saw these beads she could see quite clearly the necklace that they would make.
She just had to buy the beads!  :-D The small silver beads are real silver as is the clasp.

If you would like to visit BABEADS click HERE!

Watch this blog for more beautiful work.


  1. pretty cool, yebo Cape Town :-) way to go Babeads :-)

  2. Looks fantastic!!