African Mask

African Mask

Friday, 30 September 2011

Welcome! To our newest Authors :-D

Well, I've finally managed to get into a place where I can sit and wax lyrical about some interesting people who have decided to join this blog page. Internet has been iffy for me these last few months, what with sailing about to deserted Islands, Atolls and Motus......not complaining mind you..but when we do get somewhere, where there is a connection i have such a back log of things to sort that time just flies by.

I have managed to upload the info on our newest Authors though and they are : La Antigua, Yasmintoo!, The African Diaspora, Vynns Ravelings and most recently B-Attitudes.

La Antigua makes some quilts, more bags but she also sells fantastic fabric imported from''s beautiful stuff. Definitely a must see!
Yasmintoo! has gorgeous hand dyed silk and cotton fabrics for sale. She has also made some small works of fiber art . So tempt yourself and have a peek at her shop.

The African Diaspora hmmm well you just gotta see what these folks are making! Exciting tops and skirts and the colours are just scintillating. Ever heard of the 'Mandella' shirt? well I saw a ladies version on their site...

Vynns Ravelings The Coolest Craziest jewelry ever seen. I just love the pale olive headdress featured in the ad down on the left side of this post. It's really something. I love her stuff! go on...yeah go on..have a look at it.

B-Attitudes Ahhh YES! This girl has the knack of creating the zaniest Sandals. She gets them in from Kibera, Africa. They are made for her by people she has gone over to meet personally and they have become friends. Yup! Check her shop out it's rather fascinating to see all the designs, and know that they are all carefully hand made.

Well there you have it :-) Items of beauty from far and wide available because of these lovely people.

I'm really looking forward to their posts.....I hope you are too :-D


  1. OOOOOooooo.......Thanks for introducing such awesome artist to the blogosphere can't wait to visit their shops and read their posts...keep them coming Sylvie!!!