African Mask

African Mask

Friday, 2 September 2011

Flowers and books

Well it seems that things have been quiet here on the blog for a while.....seems we've all been rushing around doing others stuff and ignoring all you wonderful readers...shame on us!!! As you probably know I've been sailing from Panama to the Marquises...actually we are in Tahiti now...and have finally found a cafe where you can buy a beer and then go online..up till now we have been paying between USD$5.00 and E 5.50 an hour for internet, so I think that my excuse for not blogging is a great one...still I'll try and be a bit more active.... :-

So when we were sailing across that huge expanse of water I managed to find the time (it was quite an exhausting trip) to actually get some painting done....I had posted either on here or my other blog called ...umm what is it now...oh yes, it's Quilters, Creative Art and Sewing... :-D, a picture of a rose I was thinking of painting...well after a few abortive attempts I finally managed a few different I thought 'd post them for you all to see...and criticise.. :-D

Other than these I haven't done anything new....oh I lie...I've written a fun little book that helps a person provision their boat, van, 5th wheel, land rover, whatever, for long trips...along with tips on how to keep fruit and veg free of mould without a fridge....and also some nice simple easy recipes that absolutely anyone can follow and enjoy.

It's called...Feeding the Skipper! :-D

Cheers all, hope you enjoyed this one :-D

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  1. Sylvie, those flowers are very beautiful!
    As for your book, congratulations. It sounds interesting, especially the tips on how to keep fruit and veggies free of mould without a fridge.
    Thank you for keeping this up.