African Mask

African Mask

Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Protea an Indigenous Flower of Africa

I was surfing the net one day and whilst I was crusing through FaceBook one of my friends from way back when called me up on chat. Mary-Kate was so pleased to find me online and we had a great time. During this conversation she mentioned that she was redoing her home and wondered if I was going to do some paintings of African indigenous flowers. Well I told her that I'd been serously considering it but hadn't gotton around to getting anything done. She asked me to have a go at a Protea and a Flame lilly. She also wants a picture of Guinea Fowl and a Striletzia. Okay I replied I'll have a go at them. Little did I know just how involved the Protea was going to be. whew it took such a long time to paint and they way I decided to do it made it even more difficult. But I think all in all it has turned out very well.

So I made a small video showing the progress of the work. I hope you enjoy it :-D

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